Bucket List

It’s very normal to have dreams. Either they are really big ones or they’re pretty small. To keep count of the things that we want to do before we die (we eventually all do), a bucket list is very handy. I’ve used a website before to keep track of mine, but I’m not using that anymore. So maybe my blog is the best place to make a list of the things that I want to accomplish in my life?

1. live and work abroad
2. work in a resort for at least one season
3. go skydiving
4. go to vidcon
5. go on a roadtrip around France
6. go on a roadtrip around the United States
7. see the Northern Lights
8. visit the Harry Potter Studio Tour
9. get a job that I love
10. swim with dolphins
11. run a half marathon
12. run a marathon
13. volunteer for a charity in a different country
14. go to a drive in movie theatre
15. spend the holiday season in another country
16. go on a holiday with my sister
17. travel by myself
18. write a book
19. visit Auschwitz
20. learn to sail