I’m leaving for Oslo tomorrow!

I am so so so excited! I just spent the entire morning on packing my 2 suitcases, which was the worst chore ever. Just imagine packing stuff for 5 months. Not only 5 months, but 5 months in a cold climate. Yes, warm clothing weighs a lot more than summer stuff. It was the worst.

The rest of the day will be filled with a coffee date with my grandma, goodbye-phone-calls and a pizza-night with my sister and my parents. And then tomorrow morning I’ll probably be bored until we’re leaving for the airport.

It’s just a big adventure and I don’t really know what I can expect. It’s always better not to expect too much. Especially regarding my room. For the ones of you that don’t know what I’ll be doing: I’ll be staying at and working in a hotel in Oslo. Which means that I will be staying in a hotel room for 5 months. That can either be a beautiful family room (which I experienced last year) or a dirty, old single room (hopefully not this time).

Anyway, I’m hoping for a great semester abroad filled with adventures, work, nice colleagues and a new culture!

Wish me luck!


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5 Responses to I’m leaving for Oslo tomorrow!

  1. Aaron says:

    Welcome to Oslo! This is what is expecting you ;) http://betterbeahit.com/2015/01/20/good-morning-2/

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