it’s been ages!

I am truly sorry. But I have yet again neglected my blog. Argh.

School has been the busiest ever! I’ve had tons of presentations and work to do and with only 3 more weeks to go, they’re not slowing down. Deadlines, deadlines.

BUT 3 more weeks means that it’s almost Christmas! (and my ‘let’s study for 2 weeks-break’) Anyway, school has been so busy and I’ve been watching loads of YT videos. Yep. So no time for blogging. 3 more weeks of school also means that I’ll be leaving for Oslo in 7 weeks!! SO EXCITING! I hope that I will be able to blog more when I’m there, that would be wonderful.

By the way, I have been inspired to write this post, because I have just finished reading Girl Online by Zoe Sugg. Yes, that Zoe. Youtube Zoe. Even though a lot of people were saying how stupid it is that she got the chance to publish a book and blabla, it was amazing! The story wasn’t very original and the ending was highly predictable, but the writing was really well done. I’m hoping she writes more.

How have you been? Any Christmas plans?

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