His Dark Materials – Philip Pullman

This trilogy consists of the following books: the Golden Compass (or the Northern Lights), the Subtle Knife and the Amber Spyglass.

When the Golden Compass movie adaptation first came out in 2007, I immediately went to see it in the cinema. I remember everyone cheering and clapping when Lorek Byrnison (the bear) won the big fight, it was fun! That the movie was based on a book, I found out later. But it wasn’t until 2 weeks ago that I finally decided it was time to read it.

In the Golden Compass/the Northern Lights you are introduced to a new fantasy world and the main character Lyra. In that world every human has a daemon, which is some sort of companion animal that is part of you. Between that particular daemon and its human there is a link. When one of them goes to far (in distance), they experience severe suffering, like their heart is being ripped out. Well, in Lyra’s world something is going awry. Children are missing and soon everyone is scared of the Gobblers. What happens next is a whirlwind of adventures, interesting characters and great imagination of the author.

In the Subtle Knife, another main character is introduced. His name is Will and he is from another world, which resembles ours. In that world, people don’t have daemons. One day Will needs to flee his home and mysteriously finds himself somewhere far away from the Oxford that he knows. He and Lyra meet and again, so many adventures.

In the Amber Spyglass, the third book, a lot happens as well. Although I didn’t like it as much as the first two. The ending was lovely though, but some of the scenes maybe too dramatic? I can’t really tell you what happens in this book, since that would be too much of a spoiler. But what I can tell you, is that everything becomes clear and your questions will be answered.

Oh and SPOILER lots of people die.

Overall I really enjoyed reading this series! It is a world about which I haven’t read much before. Not like all of the dystopians books lately in which the main character rebels against the authority.

There are some scenes throughout the books that would have been amazing on screen, but the second and third book won’t get a book-to-movie-adaptation I’m afraid. Maybe it’s for the better? ‘Cuz we all know how good they can be *hm*.

I also did a test to see what kind of animal my daemon would be (I couldn’t find the official one)! I got the following ‘advice’:

Your daemon’s form would represent highly sensitive nature, your frank honesty, and your devotion to friends and family. He or she would stick close to you and whisper comfort and advice in your ear most of the time. When you or your loved ones needed defending, however, he or she would become as openly vocal as you, and help you in your protestations.

Suggested forms: Songbird, Dove, Swan, Domestic cat, Border Collie.

What would your daemon be? Have you read the books or have you seen the movie? What did you think?

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