PROM (2011)

Lenght: 104 minutes
Genre: Comedy/Drama
Director: Joe NussbaumWho’s in it: Aimee Teegarden, Thomas McDonell, DeVaughn Nixon, Danielle Campbell…

PROM is a Disney Channel original movie. It is about a girl, Nova, and her team who are in their senior year of high school and want to create the best prom ever. They spent a lot of time on making the props, but when those are destroyed in a fire, Nova is desperate. And with only 3 more weeks until the big day, things are not looking good. But then the principal forces a boy, named Jesse Richter, to help Nova. Of course, drama is involved and romance and friendship and all that jazz.

I always adore Disney movies, whether they are animated or real and even if imdb-users gave this movie a 5.3 I still think it deserves more. It’s definitely that kind of movie that you’ll enjoy when you are having a bad day or when you just want to be entertained and don’t want to think about anything. Yes, it’s a girls movie. Note: it’s not the best Disney movie.


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