Life currently /.

So hi there! I have made some changes on this blog. First of all, from now on I will be solely blogging in English. I hid the header and added a background -some flowers!

My old blogposts are still available, since I did put time in writing them. No, I have never been a very loyal blogger, but at the moment I kind of miss writing and ranting about life and stuff that happens. There still is twitter though! yay *happy dance*

Today is the last day of my summer job. I have to admit that I’m sad. Again, I met some amazing people and now we have to part ways again and go to school. Well, school starts the 22nd. That’s 3 more weeks of summer break to enjoy. I have planned some days with my friends, I have a couple of parties to go to and 2 days of volunteering to look forward to.

Did I go on a holiday? Yes, I certainly did. At the end of June I went on a small city trip with two of my friends. We went to Hasselt, a small, but very cute city in my home country Belgium. We enjoyed ourselves a lot and tried at least 10 different restaurants and coffee shops. Life was good. The second week of July I spent in Budapest with 4 of my best friends. That was even better! Budapest really is a beautiful city. We rent an apartment through housetrip which turned out to be amazing! And!! Was situated right in the middle of the city centre. What?! I know. I know. The last 2 weeks of July I spent at the seaside in Belgium together with my sister and my parents. Other travel adventures I had this year were 3 days in Berlin and 2 weeks in Lithuania.

The next big adventure is my 5-month-long work placement in Oslo, Norway! I’m so looking forward to that. I expect to be leaving around the 20th of January. It’s coming closer now.

I hope to improve my blogging skills this year, so that I can continue sharing stories and ideas with every visiting reader that is interested ^.^

Oh and even though I deleted the page about the 2014 reading challenge, I’m still participating. You can check my progress on the goodreads website! :) Is anyone else participating? Let me know! Happy reading!

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